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About Bella Mama

Why choose Bella Mama?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life, but also a time of radical physical and emotional changes. Bella mama natural skin care products are designed to ease the challenges and celebrate the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood. All Bella mama products are created with the highest quality natural ingredients, chosen for safety and effectiveness and blended with subtlety and care by a master herbalist, aroma therapist and natural skin-care specialist. And they’re tested by the toughest critics, busy, particular, beautiful mothers.

Aromatherapy & Pregnancy:

True aromatherapy is an ancient healing tradition that uses concentrated plant essences, known as essential oils, in carefully blended combinations and proportions. These gifts of nature add the purest forms of fragrance to beauty products, but also lend subtle yet powerful benefits to the body and the spirit. Some essential oils have a calming effect, others invigorating; some help prevent scars, help wounds heal, or contribute to soft, healthy skin.

Bella mama products contain pure essential oils. These exquisite, professional-quality pure essential oils are made from organically grown or wild crafted plants, with no chemical additives or thinners. Bella Mama blends the oils in bases of vibrant, cosmetic-quality natural plant oils, such as rose hip seed, jojoba, hazelnut and sunflower, which nourish and soften the skin. Finally, we add botanical herbs to calm the skin, promote healing, reduce inflammation and prevent scarring. All products have little to no scent as they were created to do wonders for the skin, not the senses.

Note: This material is not intended as health care advice. Pregnant women should consult with their health care practitioner before using aromatherapy products.

About Preservatives:

Bella Mama is committed to natural ingredients as well as to the long-term safety and effectiveness of our products. Water-based personal care products, such as Bella Mama Rejuvenating Face & Body Spritzer require little preservative to maintain freshness and quality at room temperature. We use an extremely gentle and safe preservative, derived from natural amino acids, to keep Bella mama’s water-based products completely usable and enjoyable over time. All Bella mama are made in the USA and are PARABEN FREE.